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Google Home is now available in the UK – we put it to the test

samedi 8 avril 2017, par billy

The personal assistant and home speaker from Google costs £129 and is on sale now.

Google’s home speaker and personal assistant, Home, has landed in the UK. From April 6, the small cone-like device that wants to be your voice-controlled personal assistant is available across the country and online.

Google Home debuted in the US in November 2016 and has made its way across the Atlantic ocean five months later. When bringing the £129 system to the UK, the Silicon Valley giant has adapted the voice of its assistant to be British and adapted the system behind its operation to recognise the variety of vocal tones from around the countries.

The firm has teamed-up with a number of local partners – including The Guardian and Sky News – to offer location-specific services. Plus, the Home is designed as Google’s competitor to the market-leader – the Amazon Echo.

At its core, Google Home is a voice-controlled life-aid that aims to take the smartphone out of the equation to allow apps, video and audio, and smarthome products to be controlled by speaking.

Google’s air-freshener style unit is comprised of two parts : a customisable base and a rigid plastic upper shell with a single button to disable the inbuilt far-field microphones. It’s being sold in the Google Store and a number of partner stores including Argos, Dixons, John Lewis and Maplin.

On the top of Google Home is a sloped touch-enabled surface meaning it can be controlled with a small tap. As well as the internal microphones, there’s also 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth capability (although this can’t be accessed at launch), and its speaker system.

At the time of writing, WIRED has only had a Google Home unit for slightly more than 24 hours. As such, this review will focus on our first impressions and be followed by a full review when we have had the chance to live with the device. There will also be a separate comparison between Google Home and Amazon Echo.

For now, here’s what we think of Google Home

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